What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool that tracks a variety of data regarding a certain website. The data could include the amount of traffic a website receives, the times which have the highest web traffic, how long each user spends on a website, personal data about the users such as location, and how viewers interact with the site. All of this data can then be analyzed to maximize the appeal of the site and improve overall traffic and interaction. Unfortunately, this data does not come with a user's manual and needs to be analyzed by an expert in the field. 

What is Google Analytics Consulting?

Google Analytics Consulting is a professional service that is offered to help businesses optimize their websites with the goal of increasing revenue. A Jumpem consultant will observe that a website might receive the most page views between the hours of one and three and be able to recommend the precise times that sales should be posted. Also, if a consultant notices that customers are only spending a few moments on a page, he or she will recommend that more in-depth information and internal links be included. This type of consulting allows businesses to ensure that their websites are as effective as possible in garnering customers and views.

Who Can Be a Consultant?

Google Analytics Consultants are those who have mastered the Google Analytics Qualified Individual Certification Program, which is provided by Google. This course informs those who take it about the precise meaning of the data and the actions that ought to be taken in response to that data being uncovered.

Is There Only One Type of Consulting?

There are three main types of Google Analytics consulting that can be utilized. There is “basic” consulting, which is best for small businesses that are not actively attempting to sell products through the site. It essentially allows these businesses to track the conversions that are occurring. The second type of analytics consulting is the “Ecommerce plan”. This plan is best for businesses that are either small or medium in size. The best businesses for this plan are the ones that sell products through the site and want to figure out how to reduce the number of customers who click on the page but do not purchase anything. They also want to discover how to increase the level of sales. The last consulting level is that of the “enterprise level” consulting. This type of plan is best for very large businesses and very large Ecommerce sites. These sites tend to have so much data that make them difficult to be managed. The Jumpem Enterprise level of tracking will be able to ensure that the data is entirely analyzed and the website is optimized so that sales and data integration are improved.