CaaS (Content As A Service) — All content developed by Jumpem, including but not limited to Meta Titles; Descriptions; Header Tags; Written, On-Page Content; Text Search Ads; and any other forms of content not provided by the client is intellectual property owned by Jumpem unless agreed to by both parties in writing.

It is the client's responsibility to keep a record of all content provided to Jumpem including the actual content. Upon service termination, any files or documents provided by Jumpem may not include any content developed by Jumpem OR provided by the client.

Jumpem reserves the right to de-index all Proprietary content developed by Jumpem from Google’s index, including but not limited to: website content pages, directory listings, blogs, posts, and any other related material, at the sole discretion of Jumpem.

Google Ads — Clients shall have full read access to the Google Ads account developed by Jumpem while service is provided by Jumpem. If the Contract is terminated by the client, the client waves access to the Google Ads account immediately and unconditionally to protect the trade secrets, competitive advantage, and proprietary strategy Jumpem provides.

Transfer and consultation requests.

$450 per hour. 12 hour non refundable retainer.

Average transfer is 12-16 hours of billable hours. Customer request rounded up to 1/2 hour minimum billable hours per request including and not limited to initial request to provide services.

Copyright — We hold copyright and do not permit 3rd party website hosting using our website design, text, design elements, design layout or photography produced or licensed to or by Jumpem.