Many law firms looking for a quick shot in the arm or that are seeing poor results with their law firm website turn to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) online advertising to increase their web presence and generate more paying clients.  While PPC campaigns can constitute an extremely efficient and straightforward way to get noticed by prospective clients, they can also be an expensive and ineffective marketing tool when not managed correctly.  While this form of online advertising can take different forms, it is essentially what the name implies – online ads that are billed on a per click basis.  The PPC format can take a range of forms that include Display, Remarketing, Product Listings, Local, Mobile and Paid Search.  Our PPC management experts have extensive knowledge with the full range of options and factors that determine the effectiveness of a PPC campaign.

Jumpem Provides Expert PPC Management Services

The most common PPC format is a “Paid Search”, which permits your law firm to reach prospective clients across all major search engines when the consumer searches with a particular keyword or phrase.  This form of PPC advertising involves you being charged a certain amount for each individual who clicks on your ad.  While this may sound straightforward, cost-effective PPC advertising can be extremely complicated.

Effective PPC management is necessary to avoid squandering your PPC budget on ineffective traffic that does not generate paying clients or even telephone or email inquiries.  There are a couple of key factors that can impact the effectiveness of Paid Search campaigns.  The first factor revolves around Google’s stated mission to “focus on the user” and “provide the best user experience possible”.  This mission relates directly to the AdWords experience because Google rewards the best and most relevant advertisers with the lowest cost and highest volume of traffic.  This makes effective PPC management critical, so you can obtain the “quality score”.

PPC management for Paid Searches also is important because your selection of AdWords will have a dramatic impact on your results.  The most obvious search terms might not always produce the most substantial return on investment.  If you are a personal injury attorney in Houston, the AdWord “Houston Personal Injury Attorney” might seem like a great Adword.  However, the cost of this type of term will be extremely expensive.  If you are paying a $100 per click with a budget of $1,500 per month, your budget will be exhausted after only fifteen clicks.  This many clicks may not be sufficient to even generate a phone call or email because people who click on your ad might be looking for basic information or even be advertisers prospecting for law marketing clients.

Why Jumpem Is the Best Choice

For over a decade, our professionals have managed Pay-Per-Click campaigns in just about every industry and geographic market.  Our PPC management team will work with your law firm to develop a tightly controlled campaign that fits your budget with unparalleled efficiency.  Our founders experience with PPC management is based on actual PPC management experience with their own travel business which was founded in 2003.  

Our founders have invested millions of dollars of their own money and countless hours perfecting their craft by developing their travel company’s PPC campaign while perfecting their craft.  In other words, our success is not based on the review of materials available on the internet or reading books, rather we have over ten years of managing PPC campaigns for our own company and many clients.  Our PPC management professionals also stay current with Google Partner Training and education programs.  This practical experience and ongoing professional training means that we can maximize your return and make your PPC campaign a success.

Jumpem can develop a carefully targeted PPC campaign to generate traffic with a focus on the types of consumers looking for your specific legal services.  Our PPC management team offer expertise and guidance to law firms regarding the full spectrum of online advertising products, such as:

  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • Google Remarketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Display Advertising

We invite you to contact Jumpem today so we can analyze your situation and craft a PPC campaign to fit your needs and budget.  Call (800) 293 5867 today!