Attorney Search Engine Optimization

Expanding the Reach and Effectiveness of Law Firm Websites


Most law firms recognize that the world of attorney marketing has changed dramatically in the last decade.  Attorney websites constitute an indispensable tool in communicating your law firm’s message and retaining new clients.  The internet provides unprecedented access to information about available legal services, so consumers turn to the web to learn about their legal issues and to screen potential attorneys.  At Jumpem, we know that many attorneys have websites that are under-producing because of a lack of search engine optimization (SEO).  Our SEO experts analyze law firm websites and the existing market, so you get the best possible results from your law firm website.


Why Does the Optimization of an Attorney Website Matter?


The evolving online market for legal services means that search engine optimization is a vital component of any successful law firm marketing plan.  When attorney websites are fully optimized, law firms can expand their client base, improve the experience of existing clients, engage former clients and promote their firm more effectively.  The process of optimizing a website facilitates the ability of search engines to evaluate your website, as well as the experience it provides to prospective clients.  By optimizing your pages and posting helpful content for legal consumers, you can reach the top positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Higher placement in searches translates into effective branding and more clients.


SEO Campaigns Focused on Attracting Paying Clients Rather Than Requests for Free Information


Our multi-phase SEO process focuses on optimizing your website pages, link building and publishing quality legal content.  We also carefully monitor the market in terms of your areas of legal practice and geographic coverage, so that we can implement the best SEO strategy for your law firm.  Our customized law firm SEO campaigns are designed to increase traffic from the types of clients you are looking to retain.  This means optimization efforts should include the following considerations when targeting prospective clients:


  • Legal issues that you prefer to handle
  • Financial qualification of clients
  • Profitability of particular types of cases
  • Geographic coverage (cities, counties, statewide)
  • Branding goals


While an effective search engine optimization campaign can substantially improve traffic to your website, we recognize that not all traffic is created equal.  SEO for law firms must be conducted with a focus on attracting clients with the types of legal problems that are consistent with the focus of your law firm both in terms of financial interest and legal issues.  Some SEO consultants who have limited experience in the legal space increase traffic volume but reduce law firm revenue.  If the traffic you attract is almost exclusively from visitors who cannot afford to retain you or are otherwise not a good fit for your firm, these inquiries can cost your firm money because you must still pay staff to screen the prospective clients.  Because our SEO team has over a decade of experience, we know how to optimize law firm websites to attract qualified inquiries rather than just an overwhelming mass of requests for free information.


Our top SEO experts can assist small law firms in obtaining a dominant market position and substantially increase the reach of large law firms.  Our efficiency and expertise allows us to offer these services even to law firms with limited internet marketing budgets.  We conduct a thorough analysis of your law firm website including coding, tags, content and links and use the most current White Hat SEO techniques to increase your search engine rankings and traffic from qualified prospective clients.  Although an SEO campaign is one of the most effective ways to improve your online marketing results, it is also one of the least expensive ways to promote your firm online.


Understanding the Jumpem SEO Process


Our multi-phase SEO process is designed to carefully evaluate your objectives, analyze your website and implement effective solutions to increase your reach.  We engage in the following steps to maximize your results:


  • Competitive Analysis: If you want to maximize your search results, you need to understand the internet presence of comparable law firms in your market.  You are competing for limited positions in the SERPS, so we analyze your competitors’ websites and content to help you outperform your competition.  This analysis involves reviewing the internet presence of your competitors and the most important key words based on areas of practice, legal issues and geographic reach.  After discovering your competition, we will assess your competitors' sites and pages to develop a comprehensive plan to achieve the results you are seeking.


  • Keyword Research: We use the most advanced keyword research tools to find all of the search terms in your niche. With these tools, we will identify key phrases and keywords with a focus on obtaining high conversion rates.  We will target both long and short tail keywords to ensure relevant and high volume traffic.  If your niche is oversaturated, our team will first focus on long tail keywords that have been overlooked by your competitors.


  • On-Page Optimization: Our proprietary SEO process adheres to Google’s Web Performance Best Practices to obtain both short-term and long-term success.  These techniques include but are not limited to improvement of URL structure, proper Meta tags, accurate page titles, optimizing content, reducing page load times and more.  On-page optimization involves making your pages as relevant as possible without using gimmicks that might invoke a penalty from Google.


  • Content Creation: The quality of your content can have the most dramatic impact on the performance of your law firm website in searches.  Google has placed a particular emphasis on content that is informative and helpful to consumers in recent years.  Our legal content writers provide web content that is keyword rich, unique and helpful to consumers of legal services.


  • Link Building: Links constitute a major ranking factor used by search engines.  While your law firm needs quality links to rank high on Google, Bing and Yahoo Search, shortcuts like purchasing links in bulk or including links from low ranked websites can backfire.  Our SEO team implements natural link building methods to boost your online exposure.


  • Metrics and Monitoring:  We utilize our powerful proprietary analytics tools to gather information and track the results of your SEO campaign.  We will analyze website traffic, bounce rate, visit duration, customer behavior and other factors to refine and improve your law firm website traffic and conversion.


Jumpem offers the full spectrum of online marketing services for law firms with proven SEO success.  The most important benefit of working with us is our focus on improving your bottom line.  We are prepared to talk to you about developing cost-effective strategies to improve your website’s return on investment.  For more information on SEO packages with Jumpem, we invite you to call us at 1(800) 293-5867.