At Jumpem, our website design professional focus on the business objectives of your law firm through every step of the process.  While stand-alone website design firms focus on creating an artistic visually appealing website, our design team recognizes that law firms do not design website to win awards at art shows.  We believe that the design of a website must flow from function.  When we work with a law firm, we make sure that we understand your primary objectives, such as:

  • Increasing the number of inquiries from prospective clients
  • Promoting law firm branding
  • Achieving high conversion rates
  • Obtaining high levels of web traffic

The Best Attorney Websites Are Built to Accomplish Law Firm Goals

There can be no dispute that aesthetics constitute an important aspect of a website.  However, many web design firms focus exclusively on the “look” of a website without giving proper consideration to the programing, content and optimization issues that will determine the websites performance in generating clients.  This narrow focus on aesthetics often results in visually stunning websites that provide limited or no benefit to law firms.  

Tragically, we have had law firms come to us after spending $10,000 or more on amazing looking websites that were virtually worthless because they were not programmed or optimized properly.  The most aesthetically pleasing website will not accomplish the goals of generating clients and producing revenue if the site is not designed properly to draw and convert web traffic.  Our design team at Jumpem believes that web design is part art and part science.  The science of conversion optimization and search engine optimization is what permits you to maximize the benefit of an appealing website, so your firm maximizes its return on investment.

Our ACT-ive approach to web design is time-tested and focused on what matters most – converting prospective clients into retained business.  Our approach to website design involves maximizing performance with a priority on our clients’ objectives.  This means that search engine optimization, quality content and conversion need to guide the aesthetic design of a website.  We also recognize that websites can be “over-designed”.  When website designers get too cleaver, the result can be a website that lacks intuitive navigation, so consumers become frustrated.  Our sites are easy to navigate, so your prospective clients can find the information they need about your law firm and the prospective client’s legal issue.

Customized Approach to the Web Design Process

While we often work hand-in-hand with law firms to develop meticulously customized websites according to a law firm’s preferences and input, we also have the ability to simply take control of the creation of your website.  If you do not want to be closely involved in the design process, we will still give you plenty of opportunities to provide feedback, so your completed website communicates the advantages of working with your law firm.

The content of a website created by a website design company must be carefully crafted to obtain the goals of the law firm and mesh harmoniously with the look and feel of the website.  We consider the ethos, tone and message that our attorneys wish to communicate to their target audience, so the design and content are synchronized to reinforce the firm’s identity to prospective and existing clients.  

Why DIY and Low End Solutions Are a Poor Law Firm Web Design Option

Effective web design and a significant online presence is crucial in the increasingly competitive legal market.  In an October 2013 Gallup poll, a staggering 98% of adults between the ages 30-49 indicated that they use the internet. In another survey, 97% of respondents reported that they now use search and social media to find local services or products. We strongly believe that a well-crafted and thoughtful web design can provide a substantial shot in the arm when times are slow and increase the financial return of a thriving law firm.  Our web design professionals can help you and your business maximize your online potential and increase law firm revenue.

Admittedly, there are many DIY and amateurish companies that offer to provide websites for a nominal fee.  We hear from many attorneys who try this approach and receive a website with the same value they paid.  DIY templated websites perform poorly in searches because these cookie cutter design approaches ignore important programing and search engine optimization considerations that are intrinsic to an effective website.  Similarly, design firms that do not have a proven track record competing in the highly competitive attorney marketing space will often design sites that are not properly coded or optimized to be competitive.  These costly “cost saving options” also tend to ignore the importance of content written to increase traffic and convert website visitors into paying clients.  Our web site design process sticks to Google's Web Performance Best Practices, and we only use white hat techniques.

In the internet era, your law firm’s website is its facade and usually the first chance to reach a consumer.  Studies show that 75 percent of people judge the credibility of a business solely based on its web design, making this first impression extremely important.  Considering credibility is directly related to whether a person will schedule a consultation, this first impression counts.

Our Multi-Step Web Design Process

  • Our first goal is to learn about you and your vision for your law firm.  We analyze your goals, so we can provide alternative strategies to fit your budget.
  • We begin designing your website based on your preferences and objectives.  We can provide creative mockups that permit you to provide ongoing feedback.
  • We discuss potential issues, concerns or changes and implement appropriate modifications.
  • Our programing specialists engage in the time-consuming but critical job of coding your website for maximum optimization.  In addition, to promoting optimization, proper coding will ensure that your website loads quickly regardless of the electronic device, operating system or search engine used to access your website.
  • SEO specialists analyze every page and make any adjustments necessary so that each page is optimized to its fullest potential.
  • Prior to launch of your website, we implement any redirects, tracking codes, webmaster tools and other appropriate features.

Our web design and search engine optimization team customizes every website we create for law firms.  This means there might be additional steps involved in your law firm website building process.  We know that your evaluation of our performance will be dictated by your bottom line, so we work diligently to provide the most effective law firm websites based on the most current technology and industry practices.  Our web design professionals offer a free consultation, so we invite you to call us today at 1(800) 293-5867