Business Blogs

Business Blogs

Reasons Companies Should Have Company Blogs

One of the most important reasons companies should invest in business blogs is that it is one of the most effective ways to keep building relationships with customers. Blog writing has classically been tailored to be less formal than much of the content writing found on corporate websites. This makes customers feel less like they are being lured by a pitch and more like they interacting with real, down-to-earth people. It sets the tone for a sale that could happen at a later time.

Engage a Two-way Conversation

For the most part, a blog is a way to launch a good conversation. It is the way that companies let their customers know about the things that are important to a company brand, its leaders, its mission and its employees. Most of the time, it is also a safe space where customers can talk back to company representatives through posts in a comment section. In most content situations, there is a one-way stream of talk. The company is constantly pushing information to the public and to potential customers. Companies learn a lot about themselves and how to adjust their positioning and strategies when they listen to the feedback from others outside the company.

Drive Traffic

Another more tangible reason to build business blogs is that they offer some tangible ways to increase sales and contact goals. People who read blogs and enjoy the information they receive from them are more likely to search for company websites. Blogs help to drive website traffic, and many people visit company sites as a way to make informed purchase decisions. For this reason it is important for companies to have impressive and informative home landing pages to prevent losing potential business.

SEO and Search Engine Boosting

Many company blogs are keyword rich and help the company site rise in search engines. The more credible blog entries a company has, the better the company's reputation in search engine results. Algorithms for search engines have become a lot more savvy in recent years, so it is easy to detect fluff and filler writing. When a company blog entry has the right keywords and gives meaningful content to readers, it strengthens the company's standing among others in the industry. The best content becomes the most trustworthy content. For this reason, blog writing must be strategic. It must always be relevant, helpful and engaging.

An Anchor for All Social Media Platforms

No matter how popular a company becomes on a social media site, the meat of its reputation on those platforms will be lean. Social media is designed to be brief and offer quick responses to others who are fans or followers. A blog allows those same people who have already indicated they have an interest in company products and services to get a fuller picture. Blogs give companies the space to make fuller explanations of their positions on policies or corporate missions. Typically, companies are able to use social media accounts to promote new blog posts by giving followers links to the blog site.

Imagine what might happen if there is no blog. Companies would leave their good reputations to the snippets of information found on social media, or worse, to others who have opinions but know little about the company at all. Smart companies do not leave this to chance.

Discover Untapped Business Areas

Often, company executives have no idea what they believe about potential new areas of business until it is discussed on a blog. In this sense, a blog is a way to flesh out ideas and get feedback from consumers to help work out any potential glitches. Blogging is a viable way to unlock ideas that are hidden beneath the daily grind of company business. Sometimes, the most profitable idea is only a blog entry, and a good conversation, away from coming to life.

Become an Expert

It is true that perception is everything when it comes to how well people trust the source of their information. Bloggers who give the best information are referred to time and again whenever their topics surface. The key to become and expert in a specific field through blogging is to remain consistent about posting and to always give the most relevant, up-to-date information. This builds a trust among readers. The more readers trust a blogger, the more likely those readers are to book those bloggers for contracts and other engagements or to buy products and services from them.

This means that the focus for blog entries cannot always be solely about the progress of the company or its goals. A company blog has to do more than this. Readers are looking for quality content that consistently informs them, helps them solve a problem or gives them an outlet for entertainment. The blogs that give the most of this are considered the blogs written by industry experts.


Compared to other kinds of advertising campaigns, blogging is relatively inexpensive. It may cost to reserve a domain name and a hosting service if that is not already available through a company website, but the most it will cost otherwise amounts to a time investment. The days of randomly launching an expensive general ad campaign with pricey commercials and expensive display ads has declined. Companies have learned to target their efforts in the places where they are sure they can connect with people who share their interests.

Cost savings are also realized when blogs attract the most qualified candidates for job openings to the company. It does not replace any human resources recruitment efforts, but it might lesson the dollars that must be spent convincing candidates about the merits of a company. The blog is able to speak for itself and tell the kind of social climate, the company's position on important issues, approaches to reaching customers and the overall work environment. Companies that are able to capitalize on this low-key method of recruiting have reaped enormous rewards.

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