What is Live Chat?

Live-chat is a customer service function provided by many business websites. Live chat offers the customer a chance to connect with the business and ask questions. The questions may be related to the product offerings, product features, maintenance issues, return process or any other questions about the business. Many studies report an increase in customer satisfaction when the introduction of live chat. Live chat is offered by small businesses as well as fortune 500 companies. 

Benefits of Live Chat to Your Business

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve customer engagement. A live chat is needed on your website for several reasons, not just to improve the sales numbers.

Customer Satisfaction

Most customers find it hard to contact a business to find answers on new products, product features or repair questions. Customers get frustrated when it’s hard to reach the customer service department via phone. A live chat option is very direct and it does not require making phone calls. Most people find it a pleasant experience to talk to a customer service person via live chat. A live chat feature is one of the best ways to support customers. 

Open Communication

The communication via live chat leaves no chances for error. Both parties can see and understand what is being communicated. It is hard for many people to follow the explanations provided via phone conversations. You might forget the details of a conversation after sometime. In live chat, you can review the chat scripts, even after the chat session is over. Further, customers tend to believe written words more than spoken words.

Competitive Benefits

A website that offers live chat has significant benefits over its competition. A large number of customers prefer to make inquiries without using a phone, if possible. Today, most customers prefer using emails, text messages and other online options compared to traditional phone lines. A business that offers live-chat enjoys more loyalty from its customers than a business without the live chat option.

Cost Savings to Businesses

Businesses experience significant cost savings when using live chat as a customer support service. It is less expensive than setting up business phone systems. There are many vendors offering inexpensive live chat services. These services can be integrated with your web site immediately. It is not necessary to have native speakers to handle live chat sessions. You can have offshore employees handle the live-chat sessions just as efficient as anyone else.

Customer Service Benefits

Live chat is a convenient way for a business to increase customer interaction. You can have your customer service agents respond with pre-scripted responses to many questions. Moreover, a single customer service agent can handle multiple chat sessions at the same time. Many customers are comfortable with chat sessions, as live chat is an accepted method of communication between employees in many corporations. 

Two-way Communication Channel

The live chat feature offers a two-way channel. Either the customer or the customer service agent can initiate the chat session. Many companies use the live chat as a feature to contact customers, when the customers are browsing the products on a web site. It is up to the customer to respond and continue with the chat session. Most customers are encouraged by the customer interaction provided by the live chat feature on a website. This leads to instant purchase decisions. 

Increase in Product Sales

Many businesses find substantial increases in sales from the customer engagement created via live chat sessions. Customers tend to make more purchases on websites with live-chat feature. Customers feel more secure when they are browsing products on a site with live chat functionality.

Conversion Rates

Businesses also report an increase in conversion rate after implementing live chat feature. This is not surprising when live chat drives customers to complete purchase decisions. The sales agents handling live chat have the opportunity to drive customer engagements, leading to an increase in conversion rates.

Integrating Jumpem Live Chat into Your Web Site

There are many live chat applications available in the market. The Jumpem live chat does not require site visitors to install any software. It will display a pop up window to the customer to initiate a chat session. The chat window is displayed within the customer’s browser. Jumpem provides the resources needed to integrate the live chat interactive feature into your website. The website operator can easily integrate the customized code from Jumpem to start using the live chat feature. The live chat features offered by Jumpem are easy to install on any website. Jumpem also provides easy instructions for the web site owners to follow.