What is Mobile Website Design?

When a business is considering promoting their brand and/or their products online, a properly designed website that caters to mobile browsers is an absolute must. A properly designed mobile website is created entirely with the mobile end user in mind.

Why You Should Choose Jumpem

Many sites on the internet offer deceptively cheap "mobile sites" that are merely generated based on the content of a full site. These sites tend to include code that is not clean and may not render properly on all mobile devices. This is a prime example of GIGO, which means "garbage in, garbage out". This is not a professional way to present your product to the fastest growing segment of online content consumers.

Smartphones are everywhere - one does not need an industry analyst to point that out these days. Additionally, more and more studies show that mobile website viewers are more likely to engage with a "call to action" on a business website. This means that your mobile viewers are more likely to call your phone number, fill out a contact form, get directions to your location, etc.

For this reason, a professionally designed mobile website is a must-have for any entity hoping to get the most out of this highly engaging segment of the internet. Jumpem offers its clients a best-in-business level of quality with experienced designers that keep up with the latest trends in mobile site design. This means our clients receive a mobile site that will properly render on a wide variety of devices and include the latest improvements in HTML5, CSS3, javascript, and more. More importantly, we offer our clients mobile sites that are specifically created to engage the visitor and get results.

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

As the mobile website visitor segment continues to grow, search engines, such as Google or Bing, are not shy about favoring a site that properly renders on a mobile viewer's device when they return search results for a mobile visitor. As anyone who is interested in establishing an online presence knows, it is vital to create a site with search engine optimization in mind. These days, this means a site with clean code that is designed to render properly on a visitor's device. Let Jumpem handle that for you, and set your online presence above and beyond that of your competitors.

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