MOZ Integration

MOZ Integration

In today's online market, it can be hard to get your business's name out there among the thousands of others. Jumpem can integrate MOZ into any business's website to improve their business listings with social media analytics and search engine optimization. This is currently a huge key in online marketing that is getting results for many small businesses as well as large corporations.

What is Moz?

MOZ is an online marketing tool that incorporates SEO and social media to create the best business listings for their clients. They have over have over 15,000 subscribers that swear by the tools provided by this type of marketing, and can prove its worth in the growth of their business.

The Benefits of Using Moz

This online marketing company offers lots of tools to help a business perform SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is a marketing strategy that incorporates certain keywords and phrases into strategic places on a business website. When potential customers and clients search for these key phrases in a search engine, the website with the highest and most relevant results will come up first. For example, if you own a plumbing business, you would want to make sure anyone searching for plumbing repairs finds your name online. To accomplish this, you might create pages on your site that discuss common problems that people often search for. The verbage on these pages will aim to repeat key words that are sure to be included in any related search. SEO provides businesses with the tools to increase the traffic to their website. Higher traffic means more customers and higher profit.

They also tie in aspects of social media in order to pursue social media analytics. These analyses provide insight into customer feedback and where a business can improve. Data is gathered from various social media to gauge customer sentiment about a product. Businesses today are more susceptible than ever to poor customer reviews; the Internet can be a great assistant as well as a terrible foe. You can either see social media reviews as a hindrance or as an opportunity to grow. Bad reviews can spell doom for anyone who is reluctant to change. With social media analytics, you can show that you know what people are saying about your product and that you are working to improve it. This is even being seen in commercials; a company acknowledges a negative tweet or email, and then they talk about how they are trying to change. This is a rather risky and radical strategy, but it has worked for several large corporations.

Why You Should Choose Jumpem

There are many benefits to the integration of MOZ into a business's website, and Jumpem can get it done for your business. The results from this type of integration will echo for years down the line as the Internet becomes more and more powerful. It can be tempting to merely go by word-of-mouth reviews and assume that no one checks online credentials, but that path is shrinking and will no longer be an option for companies trying to succeed in the modern world. This is especially important for small businesses that rely on local reviews to put them ahead of the looming corporations. Jumpem's integration strategy is a great solution to really optimizing the marketing opportunities that the Internet provides.

For more information on integrating MOZ into you website, call a Jumpem representative today at 1(800) 293-5867.