Organic Search Engine Marketing

Create a plan to grow your business with organic search engine marketing.

Traditional marketing entails several different approaches or strategies in order to cover all the bases and ensure a more comprehensive plan for reaches audiences. Online marketing has similar strategies using various ways in which your business can reach target audiences. One of these important strategies is organic search engine marketing. At Jumpem, we believe that many businesses can benefit from having a diverse Internet marketing plan, and one part of that plan is ranking well on search engine results pages (SERPs) through organic, or unpaid, links.

On Google’s results pages, you’ll find four distinct areas that contain links and information. Businesses that are a part of Google AdWords networks can have their links appear on the top left of a SERP and in a column on the right side of the page. These are links that businesses paid to have included in Google’s Search Network and Google Display Network. Below the ads, users will often find local listings or local search results. These links often correlate to displayed contact information and a Google map listing. The final area fits below the local listings, and these are organic search results.

What are Organic Search Results?

Organic search results appear on a query result page because the search engine has deemed the websites relevant to the inserted query. These links are ranked by the search engine on many variants so that the search engine can produce a list of the most relevant or most helpful links for the user. Keywords, keyphrases, topic relevancy, and date of publication are all ways that a search engine like Google can help narrow down results. Of course, Google’s algorithms for weeding out poor websites and promoting helpful websites changes all the time and is constantly updated. But millions of users rely on organic search results to get their information because companies cannot pay to be No. 1.

How Can Organic Search Engine Marketing Help My Business?

The benefits of prioritizing organic search engine marketing are numerous. We’ll highlight some of the more advantageous points so you can see how organic search engine marketing can affect your business.

Better Placement on SERPs

Having your business appear in the top 10 organic search results can have several benefits.


  • Improved visibility: If your company’s website and subsequent web pages are not appearing on the first page of search engine results, then your business isn’t being found. By improving your organic search engine marketing, your business can make it to the front page of SERPs, increasing visibility. If you’re wondering why any of this is important, then you should know that 75% of users never click past the first page of search results. Improved visibility also carries implied benefits, such as increased brand awareness and brand recognition, which can also lead to a wider customer base.
  • Higher number of site visitors: More site traffic can lead to higher sales and improved conversions when you get the right people (aka your target audience) to visit your site. Previous consumers and potential consumers are more likely to make a purchase or complete a call-to-action, so when your site ranks well on organic search results, you have a better chance of appealing to those users who can have a direct impact on your business.
  • Increased credibility: Google has fine-tuned its algorithms, and continues to update them, in order to provide better results for users. The company places importance on whether a page is trustworthy, provides relevant information, and whether the page is overall worthy of sharing or promoting. And since some of Google’s updates, such as Panda, have specifically target spammy, low-quality websites, users have come to expect a certain level of quality from Google’s results pages.
  • Getting the consumer’s attention: While we believe there is importance to businesses using pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, we also believe it’s good to balance PPC with organic search engine marketing. The reason for this is that the majority of users focus on organic search results, passing up paid links completely. During a study performed by GfK Insights, between 70 percent and 80 percent of users ignored paid ads and focused on organic search results.


Better Search Saturation

Search saturation refers to how many times your business appears on a SERP, including paid links, organic links and local listings. The goal of any business owner should be to have a high percentage of search saturation so that users are more likely to click on a business’s link. The benefits of search saturation are often shared with those received from a high ranking placement on SERPs -- increased visibility, increased credibility and a higher chance of getting the attention of the user. But it should also be noted that if your business relies on paid links alone, then that is something that users can see and may not appreciate. Search engine optimization is hard work, and it takes time to build up a solid placement on organic search result listings, so many businesses start with PPC marketing. But if your business is absent from organic results, yet has several paid links, it may appear suspect to users. It’s best to balance PPC marketing and organic search engine marketing so that you can benefit from all types of users -- those who rely on organic search results and those who prefer to click on adverts -- as well as increase your visibility on a SERP.

How Can My Business Incorporate Organic Search Engine Marketing?

There is a lot of information about organic search engine marketing available online, however, it can be difficult to know which sites are trustworthy. You should find an Internet marketing company like Jumpem to help explain the benefits of organic search engine marketing as well as outline a plan of action for your business. We are a Certified Google Partner located in Gainesville and have years of experience in Internet marketing, PPC marketing and organic search engine marketing. Our expertise and understanding of the complexities of SEO are what put us ahead of the competition.

A trustworthy Internet marketing firm will not promise overnight results because proper analysis and implementation of SEO takes time. At Jumpem, we identify the most relevant keywords and keyphrases for your business so that your links will appear on the right SERPs. We also optimize your content to ensure it is concise and informative and not just loaded down with keywords which could be considered spam. Through an SEO analysis, content creation and a proper SEO marketing campaign, we can help grow your business so you can realize the benefits of organic search engine marketing.