A company's reputation is everything. In today's internet-connected world, it is essential to have a strong online reputation, as many consumers will find out everything they can about a company before deciding whether to employ their services or purchase their product. This means that companies with great reputations tend to profit and generate a large amount of income – but there is a downside. Individuals are able to post malicious comments that hurt a company's reputation and result in a loss of business and income.

What can you do?

As much as this may anger you as a business owner, the internet is almost entirely anonymous. It is nearly impossible to trace someone for lawsuit purposes – but there is good news. Consumers and those using search engines rarely look past the first page of search results. In web marketing, it is considered a fantastic success to appear on the first page of Google. The second page of results and beyond may as well not even exist. If your company's results are strewn with poor reviews, you can fight back by placing numbers of positive reviews all over the front page.

What Jumpem offers:

Don't try to do it on your own. Let us help. Jumpem has a corporate reputation management team to help companies that have suffered at the hands of disgruntled customers. Our team can both help to restore your company's reputation, as well as preserve it from future attacks. We understand that you can't satisfy every customer, and that some people, when angered, will do everything they can to destroy you. To help you out, we offer two services:

1. Combative management

2. Preventative management

Combative management takes steps to fight back against poor reviews by flooding the internet with positive reviews of your company. Even though negative statements cannot be erased, we can make them almost impossible to find, buried under glowing positivity and reviews that will bring customers flocking to you. We'll push those negative results straight from the first page of search results into places that no one will ever look.

Preventative management is a more proactive approach. This service will stop your company from being hurt by negative comments in various ways, but most notably through the monitoring of your online reputation. If someone says something about you in social media, we'll know. We monitor channels ranging from Twitter and Facebook all the way to FriendFeed and Digg. We'll also take a look at your marketing efforts to ensure you aren't harming yourself through inadvertent spam. We'll make sure the first impression someone has of you is positive.

In addition to being proactive, Jumpem's corporate reputation management team will create positive links that are optimized to appear on the front page. We'll ensure these links have strength so they can't be knocked off. Throughout the course of these efforts, we will continue to monitor your online reputation and make changes accordingly.

And, as always, if your reputation takes a hit, we will shift to our combative approach in order to make sure your reputation is safe.

Final Notes

No matter what industry you are in, businesses must have a positive, strong online reputation. Jumpem can help to ensure your company's reputation becomes and remains solid, without any negative effects from malicious reviewers.