Getting high rankings on major search engines is a difficult process that lacks transparency. Without an expert 
team, it's not easy to see why your business consistently fails to reach the first pages for relevant search terms.
Jumpem's professional team of SEO technicians can give your business a thorough SEO audit to examine why 
you are not happy with your page rank and how we can help you improve it. Optimization of your website to 
account for SEO principles can have huge implications for your business in terms of exposure and revenue, so 
applying for one of our SEO audits has the potential to revolutionize your income.

There are two main components that affect a website's page ranking. The first broad category is called "on-page 
factors." On-page factors are aspects of a Web page that affect that page's ranking. It doesn't matter how well 
designed a Web page is- without optimizing on-page factors, it is difficult to rise to the top in keyword searches, even those that your business should dominate. Jumpem is expert in analyzing websites during the course of our audits to examine the on-page factors that might cause your website to underperform. Some common examples of poor on-page factors include two or more pages that have the same content, pages that lack content, or too 
much cross-referencing of one particular page. All of these seemingly innocuous errors can affect a website's 
ranking, and therefore have a critical effect on the traffic your website experiences. Off-page factors include anything else that affects the ranking of a website. While on-page factors might be easy to spot to someone with a little bit of knowledge of SEO, off-page factors are much harder to find and analyze, even though they comprise a huge proportion of your company's page rank. Ranking algorithms give off-page factors a large majority of the weight. As a result, a professional-grade SEO audit, coupled with the kind of industry experience that only we at Jumpem can provide, is necessary to isolate these off-page factors and create a plan for total factor optimization. 

Improving page rank can make such a huge difference in the revenue of a business that investing in quality search engine optimization can make the difference between profitability and losses. Even traditional businesses are starting to rely more and more on an online presence to reach potential customers, but a website that doesn't show up on search results isn't bringing in any money. It's a waste of time, effort, and money. Our analytics and ability to design a plan for your business to improve its page ranking, and then execute that plan, is a potentially invaluable resource that we place at your disposal. Get in touch with our team today and see what we can do for you.