What is Google Webmaster Tools Integration?

If you’re like most website owners, you’d love to have a clearer picture of how your website is performing, especially in search results. Google owns the world these days, and one of the essential utilities for looking at how Google sees your own website is Google’s Webmaster Tools system. No SEO effort is complete without a serious understanding of what Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) has to say about your website, and it’s important to find a solution that allows you to quickly integrate its data into your own site.

The smallest factors can figure into how Google chooses whether it displays your website versus a competitor’s site. Does your page load quickly? Is it reasonably formatted for both PCs and mobile devices? Are your pages hitting all of the critical keywords that you’re after? The first step in finding out the answers to these questions is to take a look at what GWT has to say.

What Google Webmaster Tools Integration Does

Webmaster Tools tells you everything that Google knows, or at least believes that it knows, about your website. If a webpage isn’t being properly indexed because your server is down, that appears right there in GWT. Important information regarding your SEO work is available in GWT, such as the average position that your top keywords are being displayed at, how many impressions your site received for that keyword and what the click-thru rate was. If you dig just a little bit deeper, GWT also offers information about how well Google is picking up your meta descriptions and titles and converting them into concrete search results for potential visitors to consider. It also offers insights into critical problems, such as whether your site has been hosting malware without your knowledge and if your server has been down long enough to cause Google’s search bots to have trouble reaching your site.

Like most systems that Google offers to end users, you need to be signed up with a proper Google account. A Gmail account will do nicely enough. Then you’ll need to go through the verification process to prove to Google that you are in fact the owner of the website in question before GWT will offer up any data about it. The verification process is quite simple so long as you have the basic skills required to upload files to a web server in the first place.

GWT also shares data with a variety of other Google tools that aren’t exactly the same but serve very similar purposes, including Google Analytics, AdSense and AdWords. This can be very valuable information, as it allows you to develop a stronger sense of where traffic is originating and where it’s going. GWT provides webmasters the chance to configure email alerts, so they can be notified when serious problems are detected rather than waiting until they login to check for issues. This can help you improve response times when a major failure or intrusion has occurred, allowing you to get your system restored to normal sooner.

Why Your Website Needs It

Google wants every website owner to be doing a competent job of conforming to its own standards for the websites that it indexes. GWT is a critical component in any effort to see that your website isn’t underperforming. However it also requires a great deal of attention, and there are options for integrating it more fully into your website.

At Jumpem, we work hard to make sense of the torrent information that comes forth from Google Webmaster Tools. We assist our clients in integrating GWT into all of their efforts to push their websites further up on search engine results pages. We also provide help with the basic setup process for a GWT account, and we explain what are the most relevant factors for clients to be looking for in their accounts.

It’s not enough to have a GWT account configured. Clients need to know how to turn that information around into an action plan in order to address serious problems and begin competing on a level playing field with other businesses in their same industries. Jumpem helps our customers explore keywords, address server and website configuration errors, improve load times and tackle a whole host of other issues that can decrease a website’s performance in search engine results. We guide clients through the process of trying to remediate those problems, and we also work hard to explain how you can better format your content to be search engine-friendly.

It takes a lot more than good content and determination to place your website high on the search results pages that Google displays. The Jumpem team wants to help you make the leap from simple website owner to serious content provider. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you take a look at how you can better integrate information from tools such as GWT into your efforts to place better in the search results that your potential customers are seeing every single day.

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