Proximity - How It Impacts Local Search Results in Google

Proximity - How It Impacts Local Search Results in Google

Location is more important than ever when it comes to your online marketing efforts. This is because Google and other leading search engines assume local intent when somebody is searching for a business online. And the reason is because there are more than 100 billion local searches conducted each year on both desktop PCs and mobile devices. If you haven't yet considered proximity in your digital marketing strategy, now is the time. Here’s some reasons why proximity-based marketing should become your priority.

Proximity Drives Sales

Proximity-based marketing can influence sales in a big way. Roughly 60 percent of mobile users who search for local info actually visit a business they found online that same day. Integrate proximity into your strategy by making use of geo-targeting with GPS data. It can drive sales by sending out coupon codes or special offers to customers physically in your area. Nearly 80 percent of mobile users contact a business after doing a local search, so clearly location inspires actions, which drives sales.

Location and Local SEO Go Together

There's no doubt that local SEO is driving commerce. More than 90 percent of consumers routinely go online to seek local businesses, thus it’s crucial to link to your correct location online. In a nutshell, local search engine optimization is a form of Internet marketing that targets on-the-go consumers based on where they happen to be physically searching from at any given moment.

Proximity a Leading Ranking Factor

The physical location of your business in relation to whoever is searching for it, is a leading ranking factor. However, it's not the only one that matters to Google. If you take a look at results for example, "taco restaurants", you'll likely see choices placed in an order that may not make sense if you solely consider location. A restaurant that's literally a block from you may not rank as high as another restaurant further away because it doesn't make use if the right like "tacos" anywhere its name or description. Thus, it’s clear to see that Google also looks at a variety of other ranking factors such as relevance based on what a searcher is typing or saying with a voice search. Amongst others, Google also considers a business’ review rating, their website’s overall quality and keywords and relevance of their links, to name a few.  

Proximity Enhances your Local Search Results

The purpose of proximity-based SEO is to enhance your local search results. Even so, it's not going to be effective if you don't have the right marketing mix. Enhance your local results by paying attention to other factors like your Google My Business citations. With added images can enhance your GMB listing since visual searches attract more attention on mobile devices. Local reviews can have just as much impact. Other factors that play a role in helping your rank higher in local search results include having consistently accurate contact information and whether or not you have claimed your business on relevant website directories.

Location Becomes More Meaningful with the Right Keywords

The way in which people are starting to search online, is changing. Voice searching, is becoming increasingly popular and makes use of longer-tailed phrases that people actually say or “ask Google”. Using such keyword phrasing in your Google My Business profile can boost your rankings since your business will be perceived as being more relevant. And it's relevant businesses "near me" that searchers really want.

Maintaining a Competitive Edge

There's no denying the importance of keeping proximity in mind. However, there are other equally essential steps you have to take to effectively win over potential clients who are being targeted by your competitors, including those competitors physically closer to your potential customers. It's a goal often achieved with tactics that include:

• Making your website as mobile-friendly as possible since most people conduct local searches from a mobile device

• Optimizing your social media pages for local SEO

• Determining which keywords your competitors are already using as part of their strategy and find a way to use them to target the same potential customers

Jumpem realizes the importance of including all the factors of the marketing mix to effectively build brands. Our team understands that while proximity is certainly important, it's just one slice of the marketing pie. We have a dedicated and experienced search marketing team with the knowledge and resources necessary to put together a customized online engagement plan tailored to your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get the results that matter.